Dad Surprises Son At High School Graduation By Wearing A Special Tie He Gave Him 11 Years Ago

"I was so excited and full of joy at graduation that it brought my spirits even higher seeing it."

When Dylan Olivo was in first grade, he gave his dad a very special present for Father's Day. Instead of just giving him an ordinary, off-the-rack tie, he designed one himself. Olivo drew Pikachu and Poké Balls all over his handmade tie because, like many kids at that age, he loved Pokémon. He hoped his dad would like wearing something that brought him so much joy. 

Little did he know, his dad would like it so much that he'd be wearing it 11 years later on another special occasion. 


Courtesy of Dylan Olivo

Olivo's father, Robert, busted out the tie to wear to his son's high school graduation ceremony. In a photo from Olivo's graduation day, he's dressed in graduation cap and gown with a Cum Laude sash and multiple medals and cords around his neck. His father stands next to him in the handmade Pokémon tie, beaming with pride. 

"He wore the tie to show he had it and to reflect that I am officially a high school graduate and not the child I was when I made the tie," Olvio told BuzzFeed. "I was so excited and full of joy at graduation that it brought my spirits even higher seeing it." 

Courtesy of Dylan Olivo

Too often, the handmade and often less-than-attractive things we give our parents as children end up collecting dust, so we're glad to see that Olivo's dad found a way to show his appreciation over 10 years after receiving the gift. 

People on Twitter agree. After Olivo posted images of the pair at his graduation, he received tons of kind responses about his father's gesture. 

We hope these two continue to find creative ways to show each other how much they care. 


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