This Dad Is Creating Some Unique And Fun Toast Structures For His Daughter With Food Allergies

Can you make us some too, please?

Adam Perry began creating amazing toast concoctions for his daughter, 9, to make breakfast more interesting. The little girl suffers from severe food allergies, and typically eats the same breakfast every day — two pieces of white toast with a special sunflower oil. 

Of course, Perry's other 13-year-old daughter loves the toast creations, too. 

The British father told ABC, "I started playing with toast to get her excited about her breakfast again and to make both the girls laugh when they came down to eat."


He explained to the publication that he decided to make these creations for an entire year, so he can perhaps make an entire coffee table book dedicated to toast structures. So far he has been coming up with a new idea every morning for the past 100 days.

He isn't wasting any toast though. Each creation is made from only two pieces and if worse comes to worse, the dog cleans up the leftovers.

Over the course of the past 100 days, the musician and entrepreneur has come up with some very detailed arrangements.

Above all else, his toast creations are really just to make his daughters smile. 

And, hey, if we woke up to toast in the shape of the Empire State Building, we'd be smiling too.

Since he still needs to come up with some new ideas for the rest of the year, he is also open to suggestions from his followers. So be sure to follow him on Instagram at 2slicesoftoast and toss up some ideas he can butter up and build.


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