Her Dad's Texts About Falling For Her Mom Show What 27 Years Of Love And Friendship Can Look Like

"I've had the perfect life because of your mom."

If you had any doubts about true love existing, let this dad set you straight. 

Twitter user @Sydnyy_ was writing an essay about her parents for school and texted her dad for some more information about how they met and fell in love. The response she got left her — and everyone else who read it — extremely emotional. She posted screenshots of the texts on Twitter. 

"Hearing this from my dad about my mom made me cry," she tweeted. "27 years of marriage." 


In the messages, Sydney's father shared sweet details about their engagement, some of the challenges they faced while raising a family, and how lucky he feels to have a wife that has made him a better person.

You can read the texts below:

If you're confused by the R2D2 bit, Sydney later clarified on Twitter saying, "he's referring to her as a robot saying she just focuses on what needs to get done instead of having fun and being herself." 

The original tweet has now been favorited over 17,000 times and has nearly 9,000 retweets. Many users have responded to the screenshots by saying it was beautiful, made them cry, and that they hope to one day have that kind of love.

Don't we all?

(H/T: Elite Daily


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