Dad's Message About Caring For His 6 Kids While Mom's Away Shows He's Not Just A 'Babysitter'

"I'm just doing what every parent should do, and what moms do every day without praise or adoration."

When it comes to parenting, dads are too often underestimated. They receive a disproportionate amount of praise for just being parents in comparison to mothers, and can be called a "babysitter" instead of just a "parent." But this dad wants people to know that his parenting responsibilities are a given, and not anything out of the ordinary. 

In a sassy Facebook post, Jeremy Martin-Weber shared a photo of his wife, Jessica, at the airport. At the time, she was leaving for a business trip where she'd be away from her six daughters for several days. 

He listed out some important things that would have to be done for his children while she's away. The long list included such things as cook and feed them, get them to school on time, respect their routines and enforce boundaries, tend to their scrapes, help them resolve conflicts with their siblings, support and encourage his teenage daughters with their feminine "problems" and relationship struggles, "model kindness, love, patience, listening, empathy, strength, bravery, and all the good things to them," amongst others. 

"Who is going to do all that stuff while their mom is away?" Martin-Weber wrote. 


"Me. That's who. Because I'm not the babysitter. I'm not just their playmate. I'm their dad. And looking after them and guiding them and caring for them is my responsibility. And I love it — with all of its challenges," he wrote. "No the house will not fall apart or be trashed and the kids will not be ruined because dad is in charge. And no, I don't deserve anyone's special praise and adoration because 'Wow! This dad can look after his own kids.' I'm just doing what every parent should do, and what moms do every day without praise or adoration." 

However, he and his wife, who blog about their family at Beyond Moi, make sure to communicate their appreciation they have for each other, and all the things they do. They often write on their blog about their egalitarian marriage and the importance of co-parenting and sharing responsibilities around the house. 

Martin-Weber's Facebook post has been share more than 1,000 times and amassed more than 3,000 likes. The comments are filled with people tagging their spouses and saying things like, "this is you." 

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