Dad Has Creative Response To Finding Out His Son Got In Trouble At School

"I probably wouldn't do that again, but it's helped Bradley."

Whether it be a formal letter to shut down an allowance raise request, or dressing up in costumes to keep kids off their phones, we're big fans of dads getting creative to teach their children a positive lesson. Although, the same probably wouldn't be said by those very kids. 

We recently came across a dad who simultaneously taught his son the importance of keeping his word and respecting his teachers with one simple act. Seventeen-year-old Bradley Howard Jr., whose family calls him B2, kept getting in trouble in physics class at Rockwell-Heath High School in Texas.  After B2's physics teacher contacted his parents about the bad behavior, his dad, Bradley Howard, threatened to sit in class with him if it happened again. 

The teenager improved in class for a few months after that, but his parents recently received another complaint from his teacher. So, his dad decided to make good on his promise. 


After calling the school to ask for permission, Howard actually showed up to B2's school. The best part? It was a complete surprise. He watched as his son walked in the class, laughing with his friends before greeting him hello. 

"He was pretty shocked. I think the whole class was a little intimidated at first. But he put two and two together," Howard told CBS News. "My son is very kind-hearted, but he's very talkative. He loves to be the life of the party —  loves to get a laugh. He's 'Mr. Personality.'" 

So, Howard sat right next to him for the duration of his physics class to remind him how important it is to pay attention to his studies. 

B2's sister, Molli Howard, shared a photo of her dad's class trip on Twitter where it was favorited by more than 4,000 people. 

Luckily, Howard's efforts didn't only earn appreciation from people on the Internet. 

"Sitting there, he realized that his actions caused a great inconvenience to me," Howard said. "I probably wouldn't do that again, but it's helped Bradley. He's been doing good in that classroom ever since."


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