A Report Card Left His Daughter With Autism In Tears, So This Dad Rewrote It

"Best daughter ever: A+"

When Sophie Jackson received straight D's on her report card, she was devastated. According to her dad, Shane Jackson, the 9-year-old, who has autism spectrum disorder (ASD), was in tears, and especially heartbroken because she felt she had "let everyone down."

To make her feel better, the dad from Tasmania created a new report card, highlighting some of his daughter's best qualities. He shared the straight A redo on Twitter on June 27.  According to her dad's loving report card, she excels at being funny, loving dogs, drawing, and even fighting with the boys.


In terms of her imagination and being the "best daughter ever," she scored A+'s.

The dad's kind gesture quickly gained recognition on Twitter, with many parents of kids with autism commending him. Other Twitter users were also curious to see some of the young girl's artwork.

Jackson told Woman's World that Sophie responded to his report card with "a beaming smile," and was touched by the comments she received online.

One graphic designer with Asperger's shared his story in the thread about how he was a year behind in school and at the bottom of the class, but he studied, got through university, and ended up with a graphic design job.

After the response, Jackson revealed they created a Twitter account to show Sophie's work.

In her new handle, Sophie decided to share a report card for her dad.

He might not have scored as highly in some areas, but it's clear she appreciated her dad and his gesture given that he scored an A+ for "Best Dad Ever."

To keep the positive spirit going, Sophie encouraged other Twitter users to make report cards for their parents and share them online.

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