Why Giving Flowers Should Always Be A Thing — 'Not Just Cause You're In Trouble'

"Buy flowers spontaneously. Not cause you’re in trouble."

When we buy flowers for a loved one, it's often to mark a special occasion or to symbolize an apology. But one dad named Sean Whalen is making the point that buying flowers for someone should not need a specific reason. 

Whalen was recently shopping at Costco when he decided to pick up some flowers for his girlfriend and daughter. While checking out, the cashier said, "You must have done something really bad to buy two bouquets of flowers." 

Whalen took issue with the statement and decided to share his thoughts in a Facebook video — especially because this isn't the first time he has heard a comment like this.

"Fellas, what kind of f*cked up society are we creating?" he asks. "What kind of jacked up relationships are we building when the first thought process is, the first word is, the first idea in a man buying flowers is that he's in trouble?"

He explains that he responded by telling the man he was buying the flowers to show the ladies in his life that he loves them.

A woman in the line commented, "I wish my husband thought like that."

After hearing this, Whalen called on all men to invest in their relationships more.

"You want your princess, your daughter, to grow up and be a queen and be able to find a good man, how about you be a good f*cking man?" he asked. "How about you show her? How about you treat her mother with respect? How about you show your daughter that you value her and you invest in that relationship?"

Whalen emphasizes that it's not the physical flowers or the price of them, but the thought that counts. And kids will also see the importance of the gesture, too. 

"What you value, you invest in."

He also summarized his message on Instagram,

"Fellas. Buy flowers spontaneously. Not cause you're in trouble. Because you actually give a sh*t. Carry on."

Since the dad's video was shared on Facebook on September 8, it has been viewed 36 million times.

The video has generated a conversation about the importance of showing appreciation in relationships in various ways. People are sharing their relationship experiences and tips. Some women are asking for suggestions for what small tokens they can buy their partners. Some people are even sharing photos of their loved ones with the bouquets they've given them. 

(H/T: CafeMom)


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