You Can't Put A Price Tag On This Dad's Reaction To His Son Passing Math

Proudest dad ever.

Every parent wants what's best for their child. 

So when they're shoveling broccoli down your throat, forcing you to participate in more extracurricular activities or just asking you not to be a total slacker in school, you must know they're doing it for your own good. And you kind of owe them a little something for all that effort.

So when British teen Aria Shahrokhshahi received an "F" in math, he knew he needs to step up his game.

During the next five months, Aria managed to get his grade to a passing "C," which, according to him, "was hard to get." Aria also decided to capture his dad's reaction to the new report card and ended up filming the most heartwarming father-son moment in recent memory.


Watch the full video below.

In an interview with Utah-based news organization Deseret News, Aria said that his father helped him a lot in studying for his final test:

"I was struggling a lot in the last two weeks (before the test), and I was still not at a C grade, so me and my dad sat down every night, and we did all of the past tests over and over again."

The bond they developed solving math puzzles is put on display in Aria's viral video.We're pretty sure this experience taught him a lot about determination, love and support.

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