This Dad Played 'Pokémon Go' And Actually Caught One While His Wife Was Giving Birth

Apparently, the "C" in "C-section" stands for "catch 'em all."

If you’re a true 'Pokémon Go' master, nothing can come between you and your next catch — not even your wife giving birth.


At least, that's what Jonathan Theriot told himself when he found a Pidgey in the hospital room where his wife — expecting their third child — waited for her C-section. Apparently, he thought the "C" in "C-section" stood for "catch 'em all." 

Theriot was playing Pokémon Go, a new augmented reality game from the classic card and video game company, that had just launched the day before on July 6.

Built on Niantic's Real World Gaming Platform, players can search and discover virtual Pokémon characters in real world locations. According to its website, over a hundred species of Pokémon are just waiting to be discovered in everyday surroundings like, for example, on a pregnant woman's hospital bed. 

As soon as Theriot spotted the Pidgey, he couldn't let it get away. So he took a screenshot, caught it, and only then showed it to his wife Jessica.

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Though many women might be angry at their husbands for playing a video game while they're, you know, creating the miracle of life, Jessica was a good sport about it.

"She just kind of laughed at it," Theriot told Buzzfeed. "It was primarily an eyeroll once she realized what I was doing."

Later, Theriot posted the picture to Imgur, where it has since garnered over one million views and nearly 15,000 upvotes. A few Imgur users even suggested Theriot name his daughter Pidgey, though thankfully, the couple went with Ireland Sage Theriot instead. 

Though Ireland's name might not remind her parents of the viral notoriety surrounding her birth, they probably won't be forgetting any time soon.

(H/T: BuzzFeed)


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