Dad Shares Video Of 2-Year-Old Climbing A Locked Ladder To Make A Point About Pool Safety

"I stress you to watch your kids around pools."

Summer is an exciting time for kids because it gives them plenty of opportunities to play and explore outside. But with the season also comes some dangers, such as ticks, hot cars, heat stroke, and sunburns. It's always a good idea for parents to be aware of these things so they can take measures to protect their children against them. 

One safety issue that becomes particularly important to consider during summertime is pool safety. This was made clear by one dad named Keith Wyman who shared a video on Facebook of his 2-year-old son, Cody, climbing a locked and closed pool ladder. 


The video shows the toddler pull himself up a pool ladder even though it was locked and shut. He easily mounts the ladder using the slots in the door/gate, pulling himself to the top of the pool, before his mom takes him away to safety.

"Tonya and I stress you watch your kids around pools. I will be buying a new type of ladder," Wyman continued. "Kid has some serious upper body strength."

The video was shared on June 15 by the Attleboro, Mass. couple, and it has already amassed over 20.4 million views.

Wyman and his wife, Tonya, explained to WSB News that Cody first climbed the ladder when they were right there and grabbed him. They were shocked and wanted other parents to be aware of the dangers so they recorded him scaling the locked ladder a second time. "Within two seconds, he was up," Wyman told KATV.

They point out that a locked ladder isn't a substitute for a parent's watchful eye, but the video highlights how trouble can happen so quickly.

“If I turned my back for a minute, he would have been right in,” Tonya said.

The New York Post reported that the Wymans were offered a replacement ladder from the store they bought their pool, but they all have similar gate designs.

Other parents are offering suggestions and sharing their experiences of pool safety. Some have found success with ladders that are removable or recommend using ones that spring up from the ground. Others are suggesting using water motion detectors and teaching kids the importance of pool safety and giving them swimming lessons.

The entire experience shows the importance of keeping children safe in the summer and how being alert is paramount.

(H/T: Popsugar)

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