Wife Leaves Husband Because She Gave Him An Ultimatum, And He Chose To Keep Their Baby

Heartbreakingly beautiful.

After New Zealander Sam Forrest and his wife found out their newborn had Down syndrome, she reportedly gave the new dad an ultimatum: Leave the baby and stay together, or keep the baby and get divorced.

He chose to keep the baby.

"They took me in to see him and I looked at this guy and I said, he's beautiful — he's perfect and I'm absolutely keeping him," he told ABC.

Forrest, now a single dad, decided to create a GoFundMe page called "Bring Leo Home" to fundraise enough money to return to New Zealand from Armenia — where the mother is from — and raise baby Leo on his own. 

"With little work, no money, resources or family, and now no home, his father Sam wants to return to New Zealand with Leo, where Leo can have a quality of life and acceptance, integration into society that sadly, is not yet possible in Armenia," he wrote in the page's description.

He set the goal for $60,000, but in just 10 days donations have far surpassed that figure; as of Friday, $281,928 has been raised on Leo's behalf.


While some may be critical of the mother, Forrest notes that abandoning a child with disabilities happens often in her home country. In fact, it's a cultural norm. 

UNICEF reports that in countries such as Armenia, children under three are twice as likely to be abandoned as older kids, with no foster system in place for them.

After reaching (and surpassing) his fundraising goal, Forrest updated the page and explained that the money would not only help his son, but that he would donate the extra money raised to Armenian children in need. 

"These abandoned babies are often placed in squalid orphanages, where they live and die, rejected and forgotten by society," he wrote.

Luckily for Leo, he'll have another, and wonderful, chance at life.


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