15 Of The Most Embarrassing Dad Jokes Of All Time

Please stop.

Nothing gets us face-palming quite like an awful dad joke. We have an unhealthy relationship with puns and all things horrifically corny, which is why dad jokes have such a special place in our hearts. Reddit loves a good dad joke too, so we found some of the most ughhhh-inducing ones just for you. Get ready to pretend you don't know us.


1. "What do you call a particularly muscular frog?"

"Ripped-it!" -Scherazade

2. "My aunt is having twins. Dad thinks she should name the girl Denise."

"And the boy Denephew." -Reddit user

3. "Why doesn't a seagull fly over the bay?"

"Because then it would be a bagel." -edru

4. "I bought a belt made of hundred dollar bills."

"It was a waist of money." -Reddit user

5. "How does Mario talk to his dead brother?"

"With a Luigi Board." -opcodezero

6. "Why did they have to stop the zombie hockey game?"

7. "Superman started robbing banks..."

"They now call him "The man of steal." -MarioThePumer

8. "How does Bono spell the word color?"

"With or without u!" -blanco4prez

9. "What do you call a bee that doesn't like to talk about its accomplishments?"

"A humble bee!" -wellfiddlededee

10. "What do you call single avocados?"

"She really broke my heart." -

"Because there was a Face Off in the corner." -Numerolophile

"She really broke my heart." -

"Avocadunos." -vegetablemedley

11. "I fell in love with a cardiologist who botched my surgery."

"She really broke my heart." -IanGecko

12. "I didn't like my new haircut at first..."

"But it kinda grew on me."

13. "What does a clock do when hungry?"

"It goes back four seconds." -samer409

14. "What's the difference between a dirty bus stop and a lobster with breast implants?"

"One's a crusty bus station, and the other's a busty crustacean." -truth_artist

"Did you hear about the forecast for the rap concert?"

"They're expecting a Lil Wayne."

Cover image via Shutterstock /  Rido.


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