His Poem Shows Why He'd Never Close The Door On Who His Daughter Chooses To Love

“She tells me I need to be careful because her girlfriend’s parents don’t know that she’s gay.”

Jesse Parent will never close the door on who his daughter chooses to love.

That's the message he wants to convey in his poem, "Doors," a piece he performed at the Utah Arts Festival in Salt Lake City this year. Write About Now, a poetry collective based in Houston, Texas that features all types of poets on its YouTube channel, posted the performance back in July. 


Parent, a software engineer who dabbles in improvising and poetry, talks about how his daughter has a girlfriend, but there's a catch when it comes to the girlfriend's parents.

"She tells me I need to be careful because her girlfriend's parents don't know that she's gay," Parent says in his piece.

He goes on to explain that his daughter says her girlfriend's parents are religious. But as someone who identifies as a religious person, Parent argues that religion shouldn't interfere with someone's sexual orientation.

"I have to admit that while religion doesn't always build the closet door, it does tend to supply the lumber," he says.

Hiding behind a closet door becomes a theme throughout "Doors," as Parent is faced with a "parental dilemma" of how he feels when he inevitably has to meet these parents. He imagines what it would be like if his daughter couldn't go to prom with her girlfriend because she'd have to go with a boy, or if his daughter was referred to as an aunt, or a "special friend" in the future. 

To Parent, it's simple: He never wants his daughter to hide behind any closet doors. 

"I will take every door in my own home and feed it through a wood chipper until my daughter falls in love with the small of sawdust," he said. 


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