Dad's Dating 'Rule' For His Daughters Isn't One We Typically See

"I promise you they won't need my help ..."

While a father may be well-meaning when imposing a set of dating rules for potential suitors seeking to date his daughters, such rules can often end up being sexist and infantilizing — especially when rules aren't set in place for sons. It's time we raise girls to have agency, to know they are trusted to make their own decisions, and judgements, and to know they can fend for themselves, but have support from loved ones, when needed.  

To get the point across, one father wrote a dating rule for his daughters that's a little different from the ones we typically see. In the post, Dad J. Warren Welch makes it clear whose respect potential suitors need to earn if they want to date his daughters.


And it's not his.

The dad posted his one "rule" on Facebook with the description: "I ain't raisin' no princesses." 

The "rule" states: You'll have to ask them what their rules are. I'm not raising my little girls to be the kind of women who need their daddy to act like a creepy possessive badass in order for them to be treated with respect. You will respect them, and if you don't, I promise they won't need my help putting you back in your place. Good luck pumpkin."

Since Welch posted his rule on Sept. 3, it has been shared over 17,000 times with people from Australia to the United Arab Emirates sharing the message and commenting how this is the type of "rule" we could do with more because it highlights the importance of respect and raising strong, confident women.

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(H/T: Popsugar)


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