Dad Gets In One Last Dad Joke Before His Daughter Gets Engaged

"My dad had other ideas ... "

Usually, marriages proposals are supposed to be all about the happily newlywed couple — but this dad managed to steal the spotlight before his daughter got engaged.

After dating for two years, Levi Bliss planned to propose to his girlfriend Allison Barron with the help of their dog, Ace. Ace is full of energy, so the Nevada-based couple likes to take him out to the desert to freely run around for at least a half hour. Bliss decided this would be the perfect place to pop the question. 


Bliss asked Barron's dad for permission before he proposed. He said "yes" and joined other members of the couple's family in helping to set up the surprise proposal.  

"While we were driving that morning, he looked over and asked me what that was over there? I looked and it said 'Marry Me?' I immediately started crying, overwhelmed with joy," Barron told BridalPulse. "We got out of the truck, and he got down on one knee. My mom and sister were hiding near us to take the pictures. On the other side of the mountain my dad, his mom and stepdad, and my grandparents were there waiting. They were all there to help set up beforehand. I of course said yes!" 

Barron's father was happy for his daughter and future son-in-law, but he still found a hilarious way to troll them. After Bliss got down on one knee in front of Barron, the dad jokingly held up a sign on top of a nearby mountain that said "SAY NO." 

The couple instantly started cracking up when they saw it. 

"This is really just my dad's personality. We have a very close family and so he's made little jokes like this before," Barron told BuzzFeed. "We both know my dad so well, we got the joke right away and found it funny." 

Barron shared a side-by-side photo of the proposal and her dad holding up the "SAY NO" sign on Twitter. "My dad had other ideas.." she wrote. 

Unsurprisingly, the joke was a hit on the internet. The tweet has been shared nearly 70,000 times and has more than 228,000 likes. Some people are even using the photo to create memes. 

Only time will tell if this dad will this trolling on their actual wedding day. 


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