Dad Filmed His Son In 15 Second Increments Each Week From Birth To Age 11, The Footage Is Breathtaking

A moving portrait.

The New Year is a time for looking back over our lives, a time for reflecting on what we've gained and lost and how we've changed. This video, by Dutch filmmaker Frans Hofmeester, perfectly encapsulates the spirit of reflection and notalgia that we've come to associate with the holidays. 

You might remember when we covered Hofmeester's short film, "Portrait of Lotte" in which he recorded his daughter Lotte's development from birth to age 14 in 15-second increments taken once a week.

In his 2104 follow-up, "Portrait of Vince" Hofmeester uses the same clever technique to trace his son Vince's growth from birth to age 11. As before, the footage is a curious and affecting journey through the formative stages of childhood. 

One interesting thing to observe while watching the two films side by side is the slight difference in the pace at which girls and boys develop.


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