This Girl Dances A Beautiful Routine In The Street Thanks To Her Dad's Encouragement

Dads are always there to encourage us.


There's just something about dance videos that captivates the internet. It doesn't matter whether it is a video featuring moms dancing with their babies or kids performing jaw-dropping routines, we cannot get enough of them. 

The latest dance video that we want to play on repeat is of what appears to be a girl performing a spontaneous dance in the street. Uproxx reported that the video was posted on YouTube by the girl's father, Assad Baransi, and labelled "Palestinian tourist dancing in Italy." A second upload of the video resurfaced today, giving the video new life. 

At the beginning, we see the girl watching a street performer. When her dad tells her from off-camera to perform, she initially hesitates. Then she slides off her sandals and breaks into a graceful routine as the musician plays Yann Tiersen's "Comptine d'Un Autre Été." The elegant dance ends with the girl giving a small bow and her proud father cheering.

The video has received numerous positive comments online. One commenter wrote, "As a father of a girl who loves dancing, I could not help but be moved to tears from the beauty that was expressed in her dance ... simply beautiful!" Another person also wrote about how moved they were, "This is like a scene from a movie. I'm actually choked up."

The girl's dancing is beautiful to watch on its own, but the fact that it seems to be a sweet father-daughter bonding moment makes it even more special. 

(H/T: Mashable)


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