One Creative Dad Takes School Lunch Notes To The Next Level

The brown paper bag just got a lot less bland.

One Creative Dad Takes School Lunch Notes To The Next Level


Many parents write a special note in their children's school lunches, but one dad is thinking outside the box while coloring outside the lines. Every day for the past two years, Bryan Dunn, an artist and illustrator by trade, has sent his son off to school with a special surprise: a one-of-a-kind drawing on his brown paper lunch bag. 

Dunn dedicates roughly an hour — fittingly, during his own lunchtime — to each brown paper bag drawing and colors them in while watching TV in the evening. Putting in all that time and effort is all worth it, though, when Dunn sees the excited look on his son's face.

From favorite pop culture characters to original creations, Dunn's artwork has helped his shy son make new friends at lunchtime. The crazy cool designs intrigued the other students and have helped spark conversations and connections between his son and his peers. Not only that, but it's encouraged Dunn's son to share, as he often gives his brown bags away to his friends. 

To celebrate his son finishing first grade, Dunn posted some of his favorite ones to Reddit. "I draw all the time, I decided his bags were good practice," he wrote. "Tough material to work on, and it would motivate me to keep doing something different every day." Though every design is, indeed, different, they all depict the same message: "I love you." 

Check out even more of Dunn's dad-tastic designs below: 

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