This Dad Draws Amazing Illustrations On His Son's Lunch Bags To Help Him Feel More Confident

"These helped a lot when he didn't know anyone."

Most kids look forward to what goodies are inside their packed lunches, but 12-year-old Nicholas looks forward to seeing what's actually on his lunch bag. That's because his dad, Dominick Cabalo, creates fantastical drawings on Nicholas's brown paper bags. 


The Southern California Dad has been drawing on his son's lunch bags for three years and has produced approximately 400 drawings.

His designs feature popular characters from movies and television, such as superheroes and anime characters. Cabalo uses a combination of markers, paints, and colored pencils to create the eye-catching artworks.

He explained on Imgur that each drawing (amazingly) only takes about an hour to complete, and that "some come back in better condition than others." He added, "We may lose one to the occasional soggy sandwich or leaky drink, but that's to be expected."

Cabalo says that he began drawing on his son's lunch bags three years ago because he wanted to help him gain confidence. And though his son is in middle school now, both father and son enjoy keeping up the tradition.. 

"Even though he has friends, he's pretty shy, so I started doing these to help break the ice and get conversations going," he explained. "He took some summer school courses out-of-state, and these helped a lot when he didn't know anyone."

The rest of us are also able to enjoy Cabalo's magical creations because he posts them on Instagram under the @Donmx_art handle. Even though viewers don't get the packed lunches inside, the bags are still earning him a dedicated fan following.

Check out more of Cabalo's drawings below:


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