This Clever Dad Came Up With An Ingenious Way To Disguise His Daughter's Diabetes Device

It's amazing what you can do with a bit of tape.

One of the things parents have to be able to do is come up with creative solutions to problems. Think devising ingenious ways for kids to eat their lunches or finding fun ways to make them go to bed on time.

When one father was presented with the task of coming up with a way to cover up his daughter's diabetes device at her swim meet, he rose to the challenge by decorating it.

A post on Imgur explains that the genius father used tape from the dollar store to create his daughter's team mascot, a killer whale, and decorated her device with it. And the results are very impressive.


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The design looks like a proper accessory. Popsugar pointed out that there are different companies that actually sell pre-made shapes for children with diabetes to decorate their Continuous Glucose Monitors. However, this girl doesn't need one of those when she has her dad on hand to make her bespoke versions.

The killer whale decoration isn't just brilliant on an artistic level, it is also great because it would have helped the girl feel more comfortable at her swim meet. If she was feeling self-conscious about having her device exposed, her dad turned the situation around by making it something she would be proud to show off.


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