These Dads Inspire Their Daughters To Say Affirmations, And Are Helping Create The Next Generation Of Strong Women

"I am little, but I'm a force."

A positive mindset is a powerful thing — and it's important to channel it every day.

Inspired by one viral video of a dad-and-daughter pair who recite daily affirmations, The Scene rounded up seven fathers and asked them to write positive things they'd like their daughters to say to themselves. Afterward, the daughters sit with their fathers in front of a camera and repeat the affirmations with power and emotion.

"I have wings to fly. I see no limit," one father says, followed by his daughter.

"I am little, but I'm a force," says another pair.

Saying daily affirmations can have the power to inspire young women to believe in themselves, love themselves, and exude that positive energy to those around them.

Check it out in full below:


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