Dad Wears Suit To Dance With His 2-Year-Old After Her First Round Of Chemo

"These little moments make these times not so hard."

Phoenix Thompson has been undergoing chemotherapy treatment at the Children's Healthcare of Atlanta since early August. She was was diagnosed with leukemia and doctors believe the 2-year-old has juvenile myelomonocytic leukemia (JMML), a rare childhood cancer that targets white blood cells. It is difficult to treat, and means Phoenix may need multiple rounds of chemotherapy and an eventual bone marrow transplant. 

"I keep calling it 'survival mode', I'm just in that mode and I don't really break out of it," mom Christina Thompson told PEOPLE. "I just think it's just too much to deal with." Christina added that her daughter is full of "life and energy," however, and that she's always playing with everybody at the hospital. "She's a hundred miles an hour, really. She has a lot of personality." 

On the last day of Phoneix's first round of chemotherapy treatment, her dad, Brett, had a special surprise waiting.

Christina, explained on Facebook that a nurse came in with a princess dress, saying a volunteer had dropped some things off. Phoenix didn't think it was anything out of the ordinary since people often donate to the hospital.

Shortly after Phoenix was in her new princess gown. Then her dad unexpectedly came out wearing a suit. 

Fox8 reports that Brett is normally at home looking after the couple's other four kids while Christina is at the hospital with Phoenix.

After he surprised everyone, the father and daughter proceeded to dance to Tim McGraw's "My Little Girl."

The heartwarming video was captured on video by Christina and shared on Facebook. She wrote, "I mean honestly I don't think I could have picked a better man for my kids. At 2 years old this is hard on her on her family and the people that love her. These little moments make these times not so hard. "

"Brett, thank you for being just what our children need," she concluded. "Did I mention she really loves her daddy?"

The video has had 234,000 views in three weeks.

On August 31, Thompson posted an update on Facebook saying that the family was heading home from the hospital.

She told ABC News she was surprised about the video's viral reaction, but happy about the impact it has on people. "We never expected this at all, but I'm happy to be spreading joy and happy tears," she stated.

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