Dad Asks For Birthday Wishes For His Bullied Son — And Twitter Delivers

"Hope your 9th birthday is out of this world, Ollie. Just remember, a bully is a person too scared to do the right thing. Aim high dude!"

Bullying can take a toll on a kid's physical and mental health, and can negatively impact their academic performance. Sometimes, it can make a joyous event, like an upcoming birthday, seem like something not worth celebrating. 

Chris Hope-Smith refused to let this be the case for his son, Ollie. Hope-Smith, who lives in Leeds, a city in West Yorkshire, England, posted to Twitter yesterday asking people to send positive messages to Ollie for his upcoming birthday. 

Ollie is turning 9 on July 5, but is worried that his bully will put a damper on his day. His dad aimed to show him just how special he is, regardless of what the bully may say. 


Thanks to over 15,000 retweets and lots of tagging, tons of people have come together to show Ollie their support. 

Actors such as Russell Crowe and Ellen DeGeneres, athletes such as the Toronto Raptors basketball team, artists such as Stormzy and Dionne Warwick, astronauts such as Chris Hadfield, and firefighters from the West Yorkshire Fire were all happy to oblige with birthday messages. Many people who aren't famous enough to get that verified blue check next to their names on Twitter also reached out to wish Ollie well. 

Hope-Smith's plea for birthday messages went so viral, it even made its way to Twitter's Moments section

Below you'll find just a few of the sweet messages Ollie received. Several people made the extra effort to record a video for him. 

Ollie's mom, Natalie Hope-Smith, doesn't use Twitter, but she took to her husband's account to thank all those who have reached out to her son for their kindness. 

"I am completely overwhelmed by everyone's kind thoughts. You do not know what this means to me and will to Ollie when we show him. I have been battling with this matter for over a year, and am only just now being listened to. It is heartbreaking listening to an 8-year-old think that he is worthless and 'shouldn't be here.' I know that we are definitely not the only ones in the world to be going through this, but I just want to say, from the bottom of my heart 'Thank You' so much. You really don't know what this means," she wrote. 

We hope all of these sweet messages help Ollie have his best birthday yet. 

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