This Photo Of A Shoe Collection Is Peak Dad

"Imma go wit shade 2 today."

We love fathers for their dad jokes and for their one-of-a-kind-approach to fashion. When it comes to the latter, they are often practical and know exactly what they like. This was evidenced in a July 1 Instagram photo posted by former 49ers football player, television hot, and dad, Anthony "Spice" Adams


The photo of Adams's shoe collection shows five pairs of Nike sneakers, all lined up.

The shoes are arranged in various degrees of dirtiness with each pair helpfully labeled for specific occasions. For example, the box-fresh, bright white pair is meant for date night. In contrast, the dirtiest pair of shoes is meant for fishing, hooping, and working out.

For that day, Adams commented, "Imma go wit shade 2 today. Do a lil light grilling ... "

Commenters are loving the dad's approach, and are recognizing the similarities between their dads and sometimes even themselves.

One commenter said, "Swear I could smell the fresh cut grass on shade 4."

Another put it best, "Dad shoe game is strong."

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(H/T: Popsugar)


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