This Dad and His Three Sons Built A Snow Dinosaur, And Yes, It Is As Epic As It Sounds

Baby, it's prehistoric outside.


When the weather in Oronoco, Minn., was frightful, one family's giant snow dinosaur was so delightful. 

Mike Zempel, a father of three sons, embarked on the frosty feat of creating the 10-foot-tall, 20-foot-long monster masterpiece. The family spent five hours together building their sky-high snowasaurus, wanting to outdo the 10-foot-tall snowman they made last year. 

"This little man loves iguanas and has been talking about them the last several days," Zempel told ABC 6 News, gesturing to his son Jude. "We thought this would be a good substitute instead of actually getting an iguana." 

"When I turn 20, I'm getting an iguana," Jude added. But until then, he and the rest of the Zempel family can take pride in knowing their snow dinosaur will go down in (pre)history as one winter wonderful memory. 

(H/T: ABC 6 News)


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