In 60 Seconds, This Woman Shows How New Technology Will Help Her Walk Again

"I know that I can walk and that gives me strength."

Eight years ago, doctors told Cynthia Ramirez she would never walk again. But thanks to new advances in technology, she's about to prove them wrong.

The 38-year-old Los Angeles native is the subject of 60 Second Docs' new video, "Robotic Exoskeleton." Sticking to its promise of telling a story in a minute, the documentary lets Ramirez talk about how letting her phone distract her while driving her truck led her to become paralyzed in a wheelchair. 

With glimpses of Ramirez's past and present, she talks about how this life-changing event left her wondering how she could keep living or raising her daughter.

But thanks to new research in physical therapy and robotic technology, Ramirez is getting a chance to walk again with a robotic exoskeleton. In order for it to work, she has to strap her legs into the exoskeleton and make sure a brace is securely tightened around her waist.  

"I'm not bound to a wheelchair," she said in the video. "I know that I can walk and that gives me strength."

Ramirez's wheelchair days might soon be behind her and her future will be brighter than her past.

"It feels like the world has opened up for me, for people like me," she said.


Take a minute to see Ramirez in action below:


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