13-Year-Old Creates Online Campaign And Video To End Cyberbullying


Cyberbullying might not leave any physical scars, but any victim would tell you that the psychological and emotional scars could last a lifetime.

Luke Culhane knows about cyberbullying all too well. The 13-year-old student in Limerick, Ireland, says he was constantly bullied by his peers online and so wanted to show a side to cyberbullying that the world had never seen before.

That's why he created an online campaign called #CreateNoHate, along with an incredible short film on YouTube about cyberbullying.

"I wanted to show how hurtful it is when you post negative comments online," Culhane wrote to A Plus."I also wanted to share with everyone how to handle it if you are bullied online."

There is no general consensus as to how many students have been cyberbullied. A 2014 study found that nearly 15 percent of high school students were cyberbullied in the previous year. A study from 2015 said that 1 in 3 middle school students experienced cyberbullying in their lifetime. And another study said that nearly 43 percent of kids have been bullied online.

Some kids are more vulnerable to cyberbullying than others, including kids of color, kids with disabilities, and kids who are LGBTQ or might be perceived as LGBTQ.



In the scripted YouTube film, Culhane is shown being harassed online. With each negative comment, he receives a physical wound such as a bloody nose, a black eye or a broken arm.

"I am thrilled at the response to my film," Culhane wrote to A Plus. "When I had the idea for the film, I thought if I just help one person who is being bullied, but this has gone beyond anything I could have imagined."

Culhane says that everyone — victims, bullies and witnesses — has a role to play to end online harassment and to report on those who cyberbully.

"Nobody deserves this," he said in the video. "And we can all help to put an end to this."


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