This 4-Year-Old Definitely Had A One-Of-A-Kind Birthday This Year

"One day it won’t be so simple to make her happy."

Four-year-old Iris Gill loves CVS Pharmacy. Like, really loves it.


Just how much? Here's a video of her sobbing because she wants to go there so bad:

And another of her partying it up once she gets in the aisles of her happy place:

But her mom, Sarah Fortune, still wasn't expecting her to want the pharmacy to be the theme of her fourth birthday.  

"I gave her some suggestions like Frozen, Star Wars, etc., but she said she wanted CVS, along with a CVS cake," Fortune told A Plus in an email. "I wasn't exactly sure what that meant, so I just gave it my best shot and tried to get creative with it."

She may not have had a Pinterest board for inspiration for this one, but she totally nailed it. Fortune used CVS' colors — red and white — for everything from the tablecloths down to Iris' birthday outfit. She even had a stand for Iris to "ring up" her "customers." 

"I tried to use things around my house already, like the CVS stand was actually an ice cream stand that her dad made for her 'ice cream' theme birthday party last year," she told A Plus. "I just painted the pink stripes red!" 

Fortune told her local CVS' store manager about the birthday theme and he donated CVS-brand water bottles. When the headquarters found out, it sent the family snacks, supplies and party favors just in time for the festivities. 

"So when your kid puts CVS on the same level as Disneyworld, you embrace it," Fortune wrote on her blog. "When they ask for a CVS birthday party, you throw it. One day it won't be so simple to make her happy, so for now I take her to CVS when we have a few extra minutes to spare and try my best to make her birthday party special, as tricky as it may be." 

Check out some photos from Iris' CVS birthday below:

Her birthday cake was made to resemble the CVS logo.

Baskets filled with CVS snacks on red-and-white tablecloths helped solidify the theme.

The goodie bags were actually reusable CVS totes.

Not only were they packed with CVS goodies such as lip balm and snacks, but the thank-you cards were written as receipts.

Iris even got to pretend to be a cashier in the park where they celebrated.

Fortune made sure to make the party fun for the adults, too. They had "CVS"-themed cocktails.

And favors of their own. Mints adorably packaged in pill bottles.

But the best part had to be when her local CVS wished Iris a happy birthday on its sign outside.

Needless to say, Iris had an amazing time.

(H/T: BuzzFeed

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