This Artist's Fake Trading Cards Celebrate The Most Iconic Fictional Sports Stars

Collector's edition.

Amassing a collection of trading cards might be an ever-dwindling hobby, but most who have ever done so with sports, Pokémon, or something else will tell you that once you really get immersed in the culture, it's a habit that's hard to kick.

Artist Cuyler Smith must have gone down this rabbit hole himself at one point, or is at least aware of the feeling, because he's channeled it into an extensive series of fake trading cards that feature iconic fictional sports personalities from TV and film. The collection was recently featured at the Los Angeles art gallery Gallery1988, and includes Daniel LaRusso of The Karate Kid, Scotty Smalls of The Sandlot, Jonathan Moxon of Varsity Blues, and many more notable characters. There's even a George Costanza Yankees card, which is easily the crown jewel of the bunch.

"I have had this idea for a long time," Smith told A Plus. "I started with a couple cards for themed group shows at Gallery1988 and the response was overwhelming. The gallery then asked if I would like to continue the series and base a solo show around the idea."

As for how went about picking the fake sports heroes (and villains) that would become immortalized in his cards, Smith said, "I already had a huge list of characters that I wanted to do. I have some of the obvious fan favorites, but it was also fun to have a few surprises in the show as well."

Many of the cards are already sold out, but some are still available here for the sports TV/movie fans who want to up their collecting game beyond VHS tapes and DVDs. And according to Smith, there are plenty more on the way.

"Yes, there will be another show in early 2017 with all new cards!" he said. And if he's that excited, you should be, too.


Check out some more highlights from the show:


(H/T: Entertainment Weekly)

Cover image: Gallery1988 / Cuyler Smith


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