11 Parents Who Clearly Had Too Much Fun Dressing Up Their Baby For Halloween

These cutie's costumes are so boo-tiful, they're almost scary.

For new parents, there's no more wonder-fall time to start collaborating on their first-ever family traditions than Halloween. From apple picking to trick-or-treating, opportunities to bond and create long-lasting memories are as plentiful as fallen, crunchy leaves. 

One especially popular pastime, especially among creative couples, is dressing their baby up for Halloween. Many parents go the traditionally charming jack-o-lantern costume route, while others think a little outside the pumpkin. 


We commend them for their craftiness ... even though the ensuing baby pictures might haunt their kids for years to come. (Don't worry, kiddos, the internet fame is totally worth it.) 

Of course, every baby's Halloween costume is aww-dorable, but these cutie's costumes are so boo-tiful, they're almost scary:

1. Elvis Presley.

2. Flamingo.

3. A Jedi and an Ewok from "Star Wars."

4. Iron Man, Captain America, and Supergirl.

5. Astronaut.

6. Cher from "Clueless."

7. Russel and Carl from "Up."

8. Harry Potter.

9. Penguin.

10. Lumberjack.

11. Mike and Sulley from "Monsters, Inc."


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