11 Inspiring Morning Notes From Loved Ones That'll Make Your Day

Just try not to smile. We dare you.

When you're getting ready for work or school, it might seem like there's no time to appreciate what makes life the best — the other people in it. They're what really motivates you to make the most of your day every day. That can be easy to forget (especially when you haven't had your coffee yet), so it's always nice when your loved ones provide an unexpected reminder in the form of a big hug, a kiss, or, perhaps best of all, a handwritten note in the morning. 

Taking the time, even if it's just an extra minute, to write a special message to a loved one has the power to change the entire course of their day. So, the next time someone you know has an important presentation at work or a big test at school, or even just needs a boost, consider sharing your love by writing them a note — an old-fashioned show of affection that never goes out of style.


We asked around for people to share their most treasured notes, and here are our favorites. The notes, and the special meanings behind them, are sure to brighten your day, too.


"My mom's a teacher, so she always encouraged me to do well in school. Whenever I had a big test or presentation, she'd often write me a note in the morning wishing me good look and saying that she believed in me. Because I knew she was rooting for me, that really helped me believe in myself." - Pittsburgh, PA 


"Since my girlfriend and I don't live together, I'll usually stay over at her place on a weeknight. Sometimes I pack an overnight bag, but most of the time, I just head back to my apartment to shower and get ready for work. I don't want to wake her up when I leave, though, so I'll just write a little note and try to get her coffee started for her or something. She always calls or texts me later in the day to say thanks, so that gives me something to look forward to." - Hoboken, NJ


"I travel a lot for work, which can sometimes get lonely, so whenever I can stay with a friend instead of at a hotel, I always try to let them know how much I appreciate it. The flight back is usually really early or really late, so even after I say goodbye in person, I still like to leave a 'thank you' note on their fridge or counter so they know how seriously grateful I am." - San Francisco, CA


"One of my best friends is an artist and has all these really cool, creative things around her apartment. Whenever we go out on the weekend, we usually end up crashing at each other's place, depending on who lives closest. Sometimes I like to leave her a little artsy-ish note in the morning if I have to leave before she wakes up. It's nowhere near as cool as the stuff she does, but she thinks it's funny and likes it anyway." - Philadelphia, PA


"Sometimes, as a parent, you have to find new ways to embarrass your kids, while still showing that you love them. Every once in a while, I'll write a little message on my kids' snack money so when they pull it out at lunch, they know I've been thinking about them — whether they want to or not! My 9-year-old still thinks it's cool, but my 11-year-old is starting to roll his eyes whenever he sees it. Even with his pre-teen angst, he's apparently not embarrassed enough to pass it up, so I still consider it a win." - Kissimmee, FL


"My husband and I both have pretty stressful jobs, and usually spend our mornings running around, trying to get ready for the work day. We don't have a ton of time to spend together, so it always means a lot whenever he takes the time to leave me a note. Even if it's just a sentence, it's still a nice reminder that he was thinking of me." - Cambridge, MA


"One of the biggest things I look forward to whenever I go home and see my parents is having my dad make me and my brother pancakes. The last time I was there, I was craving them like crazy. My mom was really sweet and offered to make pancakes for me, too, but hers just can't compete. So I may have seemed a little spoiled in my note, and my mom did eventually see it, but she ended up laughing it off and agreeing with me, so we're all good." - Chicago, IL


"My fiancé and I have been planning our wedding for about a year now, and it's been pretty stressful. When we're feeling overwhelmed by all the choices we have to make, like with the food or music or whatever, it's easy to forget the whole point of doing this crazy thing in the first place is because we love each other. He seriously is the reason I get up every day, and I want him to know that ... but the coffee helps a lot, too." - Cleveland, OH 


"My mom was one of those lunchbox note moms, and I definitely didn't appreciate it enough because I wanted to look cool in front of my friends. But now that I'm in grad school a couple hours away from home, I miss her and my dad a lot, so I think about all those notes sometimes. It's taken me a while, but I finally realized how cool and nice those notes actually were. It's something I hope to do for my own kids someday." - Iowa City, IA


"My roommate and I had been living together for a few years when we decided to adopt a dog. We take turns buying dog food, taking him for walks, etc., but sometimes he needs a little reminder. I don't want to nag, though, so I always try to add a little humor when I ask him to do something. As far as I know, he thinks my notes are pretty funny. I think they're surprisingly effective." - Los Angeles, CA 


"My boyfriend and I have been doing long distance ever since he started law school so whenever I visit him, I wait until the morning I'm about to leave and, while he's still asleep, I take his notepad and write a few notes. Then, I hide them in his textbooks and other places around his apartment. I love getting the unexpected text from him when he finds one because he's always really sweet and thankful. He tells me the notes make it seem like I'm still there in a way, so that makes the distance a little easier." - Brooklyn, NY 


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