This Is Your Ultimate List Of Adorable Pups In Halloween Costumes

Take a break from anything you're doing because this is A-DORK-ABLE.

1. The cutest little hot dog in town.


2. The pug who came in like a wrecking ball.

3. This awesome little fella with the whole NYC on his back.

4. Tamdadadam! Superdog to the rescue.

3. The ghostly Pomeranian who will steal all of your treats.

5. This little nutcracker who blends in perfectly.

6. Umm... Miss, there's a pug in our coffee. (Actually, her name is Little Latte.)

7. This touchdown scoring pit.

8. He seems to be enjoying this panda get-up.

9. You're gonna hear them ROAR!

10. Someone must have tasted the Polyjuice potion.

11. Santa's Little Helper IRL.

12. Beware. There's a new sheriff in the Cuteness Town.

13. When you can't decide between a baby elephant and a puppy.

14. Looks like someone knows exactly where Waldo is.

15. It's taco time!

16. He's the sweetest banana split you've ever seen.

17. Crazy lobster swallowed a beagle.

18. A pug dressed as a pug? Pugception.

19. Shaken, not stirred. James Bond style.

20. Last but not least, the mighty walrus.

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