They Surveyed 46 Black Men, Age 5-50, To See What The Word 'Police' Means To Them. The Results Are Shocking.

Can one word fit them all?

People behind Cut Video, a video production company, decided to do a little experiment and see what the word "police" means to different people.


Here's what kids and teenagers, age 5-18, had to say. With only a few exceptions, their associations are positive.

But watch what happens when the older men start to speak. Suddenly, there are more references to brutality, dishonesty and fear.

Watch this video to witness the shocking change:

This video stirred some controversy among YouTube commenters, with people wondering why it only featured African American men. According to Mike Gaston of Cut Video, there was no "agenda" behind their project and the team is looking forward to creating more videos with the same #oneword concept, but with different demographics.

"This isn't a piece about passing judgement on the police. It's an experiment to see how the idea of 'police' changes over time. I just wanted to create a video that would require us to listen. It's not about being right or proving a point," Gaston told A+ in an email.

To see more interesting and thought-provoking works by Cut Video, visit their website and check out their YouTube channel.

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