Couples Describe Their First Dates, Including All The Adorably Awkward Details

"Did you leave part-way through?"

First dates can be a hit or a miss — but, a lot of the time, they're pretty memorable.

In a video for Cut, couples describe their first dates, including where they met, their first impressions of one another, funny anecdotes and some heartfelt memories.

One couple remembers the exact name of the bowling alley where they met, and another remembers having coffee at a coffee shop where they were alone with the barista. 

Another couple recalls their date at a movie theater: "We went and saw a movie, and I think, 'Did you leave part-way through,'" one partner asks the other, mid-story. "'And, like, go sit in your car or something?'"

"I had a stomachache. I had to excuse myself for awhile," the other replies, laughing. 

The collection of stories proves that there's no right way to have a first date, and there's no need to put so much pressure on ourselves to make it perfect.

Be sure to check out the full video below for more: 



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