One Model Transforms Into 19 Different Looks To Show 100 Years Of Irish Beauty

There's quite a difference between the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland's style.

Just in time for St. Patrick's Day, Cut Video's latest installment of their series "100 Years of Beauty" takes us through time in Ireland. 

The series shows viewers how fashion styles have transformed over a decade, but this one particularly stands out because it depicts the difference in styles from the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland side-by-side. If you need a little history refresher, Ireland was split up into two distinct territories in 1920. Northern Ireland remains a territory of the United Kingdom to this day. 

Fashion is constantly evolving to reflect the beliefs, interests, and lifestyles of the people dressing up. It's fascinating to catch a glimpse of some of these interests through a video that's less than two minutes long. 


You can watch it here:

Check out some of our favorite looks:




Want to learn more about these looks and the decisions behind them? Watch the research that went into them in the video below:


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