Grown Kids Ask Their Parents For Sex Advice, And It's Actually Not Worst Thing In The World

"We've had the conversation."

As adults, most of us prefer to get our sex advice from friends, siblings, magazines, the Internet ... pretty much from anywhere except our own parents. In fact, having any sort of sex talk with parents is generally something people try to avoid at all costs.

But those behind Cut Video aren't ones to shy away from potentially awkward conversations. They have previously posted videos of people telling their parents how they lost their virginity, and they've had people reveal the times they've caught their parents doing the deed. And the topic of their latest installment is just as cringe-y.

In this episode, parents give their grown kids sex advice. And while it's pretty awkward, it seems like their relationships might actually get stronger because of it, as once the families get talking, some good advice is shared. 

One mom tells her son to take things slow and encourages passion. Another mom reminds her daughter to not let sex take over a relationship. "Remember to never put sex above heart and spirit," she said.

A dad tells his daughter that it can be good to try new things, and says that there is nothing wrong with giving instructions to your partner.

While there may have been some embarrassing moments, the video shows that when parents and kids are open, they can strengthen their bonds even more. 



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