Women Ages 15 to 50 Were Asked For One Word They Associated With 'Abortion.' Their Answers Were Telling.

This is important.

Abortion is a sensitive topic and it's never easy to talk about. However, it's important that it gets discussed openly. 

Approximately 25% of the world's population lives in countries where abortion laws are highly restrictive. An extreme example is Chile, where abortion is illegal even in the case of rape or if the pregnancy endangers the woman's life. As a result, dangerous illegal abortions are common.

As part of their One Word series, Cut video asked women ages 15 to 50 to share one word they associated with the word "abortion." It evokes strong emotions in the women.

"Horrible," says Mikaela, 16. "If you are given the gift of a baby than you should treasure that gifts."

"OK," nods Jina, 27. "I think everyone should have the right.".

Watch the entire video below.


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