Apparently Ordering A Custom Coffin Is A Thing Now. And People Do Get VERY Creative.

Having trouble deciding on our favorite one.

If you lived your life in style, you might as well rest in peace in style. Well of course, style is a very subjective matter.

Luckily for us, Ghana Coffin, a Ghana-based design studio that specializes in custom-made coffins, can create pretty much anything one might fancy. And by "anything," we do mean ANYTHING.


Be it a coffin shaped as a beer bottle...

a mouse...

or a chocolate bar...

(this one is actually for two people)...

you can pretty much get anything custom-made...

to reflect your interests...


... or just the way of living.


All of these are actual coffins.

As Ghana Coffin's representative told A+, the company was founded back in the early 50s when Seth Kane Kwei, a young carpenter at that time, lost his grandmother. She had never taken a flight during her lifetime, but "often expressed her fascination" for planes and "was wishing, one day, to be able to do so."  So Kwei built her a plane-shaped coffin. 

Soon enough he had a bunch of orders lined up from people who heard about his grannie's very unconventional coffin.

Today, the business is run by Eric Adjetey Anang, Kwei's grandson, who took over the business in 2005. And it does seem to be making its way to international markets.

Ghana Coffin has participated in numerous international events such as Design Week in Milan, or Gwangju Biennale in South Korea. Twenty pieces of this coffin art were recently acquired by Moesgaard museum in Denmark.

As Ghana Coffin's representative explained to A+, these coffins are also very popular among families of the Ga tribe from the southern part of Ghana and Togo. 

You've really gotta love Glyngøre tin cans if you're going to be buried in one.

...or maybe you have a fondness for gas stations.

To see more coffin designs, make sure to check out their site and Facebook page.

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