This Comparison Of Behind-The-Scenes Lingerie Photos Has An Important Body-Positive Message

"We should always be seeing both."

Even the most body-positive lingerie photo shoots only feature a few photos out of hundreds taken, so we do not get a true representation of what went into the picture. And it is usually only the "best" images we see.

To promote a more inclusive message, lingerie brand Curvy Kate and Megan Jayne Crabbe, the body-positive blogger from the popular BodyPosiPanda Instagram, have created a photo series that encourages people to celebrate their bodies at all times, whether they're posed or not.


The series is a side-by-side comparison featuring Crabbe in posed images and natural, behind-the-scenes ones.

Courtesy of Curvy Kate

The inclusive lingerie brand posted the series of images on its blog to highlight just what goes into making a lingerie shoot.

In the post, Curvy Kate explains that the brand was inspired to do the photo series after seeing an image Crabbe posted on her Instagram account. After modeling in Curvy Kate's #TheNewSexy campaign in July 2016, the body-positive Instagram star highlighted the differences between the posed lingerie shoot with professional hair and makeup compared to a more natural, relaxed image.

"Because if you're gonna see the posed, polished, professional version, I'm sure as hell gonna make sure you see this one too. Embracing my belly rolls, celebrating my softness. I know the world wants me to value myself higher in one of these pictures, to worship what's 'flattering' and be ashamed of what's not. Well I refuse to feel that shame. I'm worthy of self love either way, and I choose to see the beauty in both. Same body, same underwear, same person underneath - that's the only part that really matters. "

Curvy Kate writes how the comparison "sparked the need to show what professional photos really are — just manufactured moments in time."

Courtesy of Curvy Kate

So, for the brand's latest photo series, it enlisted the help of Crabbe to highlight the differences between these professional, posed photos and natural ones.

Crabbe explained on the Curvy Kate website about how the shoot transpired and what she hopes to achieve with it. "I made a post featuring the professional image with another showing me at home, no make-up, no posing, no lighting, because we should always be seeing both. I spent years comparing myself to the polished images and thinking my body had to look like that at all times to be beautiful, but the truth is that the models in the photos don't even look like the models in the photos most of the time." 

She added, "I think if more brands allowed us to see the behind-the-scenes, and even celebrated it as just as beautiful, we’d have one less illusion to constantly compare ourselves to."

Courtesy of Curvy Kate

As Curvy Kate says, "We sit on the sofa in our comfy PJs, we scrape our hair back, and our tummies crease and bloat. The majority of us have cellulite and stretch marks, and we have lumps and bumps — because it's part of being human and that isn't something to feel bad about."

Courtesy of Curvy Kate

Chantelle Crabb, from Curvy Kate, told A Plus via email, "The majority of professional images that are used in today's media are all of a similar style. [They're] polished and posed to make the model look the most conventionally 'beautiful,' however this isn't real life. It isn't what many people, or even the models, look like 24/7. We saw Megan's image, which she posted on Instagram, and thought it was brilliant. We wanted to share her message and show professional imagery is a snapshot that has been manufactured to sell a product, so we shouldn't be comparing our everyday lives and bodies to this because they're just not the same. At Curvy Kate, we strive to show a range of images — behind the scenes shots as well as fan and blogger photos to make sure our customers know that there is not only one way to look beautiful."

For more on being body positive, check out the video below:


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