Fans Helped This Lingerie Brand Spread Their Body Positive Message After Social Media Tried To Stop Them

The word of the people is a powerful one.

Today, many brands and models are working to redefine what constitutes as beautiful in mainstream culture by including a wider variety of body types, sizes, abilities, and ethnicities in ads. But what about our ideas about the word "sexy?"  

Plus-size lingerie brand Curvy Kate recently launched its Scantilly collection. The line is part of Curvy Kate's body positive #TheNewSexy campaign, featuring women of all different walks of life, and aims to redefine what we traditionally think of as "sexy." 

"Scantilly wanted to show the world a range of inspiring women in #TheNewSexy Campaign and picked inspirational role models from social media to do so," a spokesperson for the company told A Plus via email. "Our core values are about making all women feel good in lingerie — not just a select few in society. We believe all women should be celebrated and there isn't one perfect shape, size or look — so our models should represent this."


Curvy Kate posted photos on Facebook to celebrate the launch. However, soon after the brand received a notification that three images were being removed because they allegedly violated Facebook's policies. The images included a group lingerie photo, one of two models posing, and one linking to a story about a transgender model. 

Curvy Kate decided to appeal Facebook's decision. When the brand heard nothing from the social media network, the company decided to take matters into their its hands. 

The brand called on Facebook users to help get the body positive #TheNewSexy Images back. And fans came rushing to their aid.

"These images are not hurtful but celebrate a message of diversity, strength and beauty," it says in the brand's blog. "As you know, Scantilly is 'Fearless Lingerie for DD to HH cups' — so we thought, let's be fearless. If Facebook doesn't listen, we need to make them as this message is important and how many others messages are currently being stopped by their Advertising Policies."

Users shared the message and Curvy Kate received a response from Facebook saying the images were being reinstated.

A spokesperson for Facebook later told Mashable in a statement the image was mistakenly banned, as they do not actually violate their ad policies. "Our team processes millions of advertising images each week, and in some instances we incorrectly prohibit ads," they said. 

Still, it was nice to see so many people come together in defense of the images. 

"We were so moved," a Curvy Kate spokesperson told A Plus. "Our fans are passionate, intelligent and will always fight for what's right — the support they showed us was brilliant. We received comments from around the world from women touched by the campaign — it cemented how important the campaign is and why we need to continue with this diversity in all campaigns."

Curvy Kate's #TheNewSexy ads have a positive message that deserves to be spread. Similarly, the Facebook incident also has a valuable lesson that should also go viral. It shows that when people come together, they can help make a real change, for the better. 

"The campaign has resonated with so many people which is why it's been so successful, yet so few brands use such a diverse range of women," Curvy Kate's spokesperson told A Plus. Thankfully the brand says this campaign is only just the beginning. 

(H/T: Mashable)


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