11 Women Explain What Things They Think Are 'The New Sexy' And Their Answers Don't Disappoint


Victoria's Secret's latest campaign set out to find "what is sexy" according to its customers, but in doing so revealed that sexy (to them at least) simply means two things: thin and light-skinned. 

Though beautiful, the winners of their online competition only fit one mold of what sexy could be with the likes of a perfectly toned Beyoncé, Sports Illustrated model Chrissy Tiegen (though way to go on sharing those stretch marks, lady!), and tall and lean Taylor Swift, among others. Once again, women who fit a different kind of look — curvy, or downright fat, or disabled — were not represented by the women's retail brand.

Curvy Kate, a women's clothing brand known for its #BoobsOverBellyButton campaign (the one that fought back against the arm-around-your-waist-to-see-if-you're-skinny challenge), recently launched a new boudoir line for fuller busts called Scantilly, and saw the perfect opportunity to challenge Victoria's Secret competition and redefine what it means to be sexy. 


It's calling the initiative #TheNewSexy.

"Although the woman involved in the VS campaign are beautiful, we want to spread the message that sexy comes in many forms," it wrote in a press release. "Curvy Kate and Scantilly are all about diversity and embracing you; different looks, shapes and sizes can all be sexy, too!" 

"We preach that sexy is a state of mind and not just about physical attributes."

And instead of giving women only celebrities to choose from, it's letting women answer the "What is sexy?" question themselves.

The brand held an event to launch the new line and asked attendees to share what sexy means to them. 

Their answers do not disappoint. 

So, what do you think is #TheNewSexy?


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