Research Shows There Are Health Benefits To Cursing


Sometimes, you just have to let it out.


And no, we don't mean that 15 minute monologue recounting the woes of your dating life (no one really wants to hear that). 

We're talking about that curse word you've had on the tip of your tongue all day.

Research suggests swearing can actually be used as a coping mechanism to help you deal with emotional stress, and can even help ease physical pain.

For example, one study at Keele University found when 66 volunteers stuck their hands in an ice water bath, the more they swore, the longer they could tolerate the cold. 

"Their heart rates also accelerated and their pain perception reduced," The Guardian reports in regards to the study.

And in a Psychology Today article titled "Hell Yes: The 7 Best Reasons for Swearing," philosopher and psychiatrist Neel Burton M.D. writes: "When used sparingly, the health benefits of swearing include increased circulation, elevated endorphins, and an overall sense of calm, control and well-being."

Perhaps the same goes for writers who just want to let it out, too.

In a piece entitled "The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck," author Mark Manson writes a thought-provoking essay that turns cursing into something of an art form.

"This is no way to live, man. So stop f*cking around. Get your f*cks together. And here, allow me to f*cking show you," Manson writes.

But, in the end, it's still unclear whether or not people are attracted to others who curse. But like John Mayer once sang about a relationship lost: "She says the Bible is all that she reads / and prefers that I not use profanity / your mouth was so dirty." 

So we're just going to leave it at that.

Say what?

Note: Though cussing every now and then may be good for your health, we shouldn't go around all day shooting curse words like we're Michael Jordan on the basketball court — That would just be annoying and sometimes inappropriate to others (like children) around us.

But hey, when the moment's right, and you just need to let it out, maybe you don't have to feel that guilty anymore.

(H/T: Distractify)

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