This Kid Broke The World Record For Sport Stacking And His Friends Went Crazy

His friends seem excited.

William Orrell is a teenager and a cup stacker, and a person who has a player profile on the WSSA (World Sport Stacking Association) website. His status as an athlete could spark an endless debate over what constitutes a "sport," but let's not go there. Suffice it to say that Orrell stacks cups and stacks them well — he holds or shares the world record for just about every category that officially exists.

Recently, he broke the record for the "cycle," a series of stacking then unstacking moves that would probably take non-cup-stacking-athletes a good five minutes to figure out. Orrell did it in five seconds flat.

Check it out:


The reactions of his fellow stackers? That's where it gets even better.

There's this guy.

And this guy, who's borderline upset.

This kid gets a fully unhinged scream in.

This girl's calling for a heat check.

This dude? Just happy to be here.

Orrell, though, he's so overwhelmed by his own greatness that he falls down.

Take a lap, kid.


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