This Map Shows The Best States To Find A Cuddle Buddy This Cuffing Season

You might be surprised which states made the top five.

If you're looking to find a special someone to cuddle up with this cuffing season, it helps if you know where to look literally. According to geotagged Twitter data compiled by wedding site last month (the start of fall and "drafting" season), the location of your next Netflix and chill buddy might surprise you.


By tracking more than 100,000 tweets that mentioned "cuffing season," the site determined that, despite having milder winter climates, the southern states generally had the most activity. 

Still, the top state for cuffing season (based on overall percentage of conversation) was Utah. With temperatures in Salt Lake City ranging between 26°F and 38°F in January, it comes as no surprise that the state's residents are eager to spend some time snuggling up with a cuffing cutie. 

New Mexico came in second, where Santa Fe's December and January temperatures fluctuate between 17°F and 44°F. Third on the list was Texas, with West Virginia following. Alaska, which gets as cold as 11°F in Anchorage during January, rounded out the top five states. 

Like real esate, cuffing season is all about location, location, location. 

Cover image via  Elena Elisseeva I Shutterstock


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