This Art Installation Makes You Feel Like You're Walking Through The Universe


In Japan, one art installation allows visitors to take a magical walk through a glistening, interactive universe.

When a viewer enters the space, entitled "Crystal Universe," designed by teamLab, their presence "affects all of the lights in a way that causes change to occur throughout the installation indefinitely," according to teamLab

Moreover, the work puts the viewer at the center so that they can "[become] one with the light and body of the installation."


In video footage capturing a tour through the venue, museum-goers slowly walk through the room, as "endless" lights twinkle and change around them.

Viewers can also use their smartphones to select a specific element of the universe (i.e. a planet, galaxy, etc.), and "swipe" it into the installation. Then, that element appears in the artwork right before their eyes.

According to their website, teamLab believes "the digital domain can expand art," with an emphasis on the relationship between viewer and the art itself:

"With the viewer and interactive art work, because the existence of the viewer and their behaviour causes change in the work, the border between the viewer and the art work becomes ambiguous. The viewer becomes a part of the art work. As a result the relationship changes, from the art work and the individual, to the art work and the group."

Though the "Crystal Universe" installation at the Pola Museum Annex earlier this year has since closed, the team's captivating footage is enough to mesmerize just about anyone. 

Be sure to watch the full video below:

(H/T: Facebook)


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