Crystal Pepsi Is Coming Back For A Limited Time

Here's how you can score some.

In a new video ad released by Pepsi, an actor playing a janitor named Frank accidentally stumbles upon the mysterious and unknown "92nd floor" in the Pepsi building. He travels to 92nd floor in the elevator, and is stunned by what he sees.


It’s an entire floor filled with Crystal Pepsi swag and enough stuff from the '90s to make nostalgic fans go crazy.

Bill, who works for Pepsi in the video ad, approaches Frank and says, "We're finally ready to relaunch Crystal Pepsi."

"Crystal Pepsi?" Frank asks. "I thought they shut that division down decades ago."

"We never shut down," Bill responds.

Frank and Bill join the rest of the workers on the 92nd floor for a celebration.

They are wearing '90s garb and dancing to “Whoomp There It Is” in a party.

Crystal Pepsi was a clear version of the famous soft drink that debuted in 1992, but was pulled from the market by early 1994 due to very low sales. In 2015, there was a grassroots movement to bring back the 90s beverage in the form of an online petition with over 38,000 signatures.

Pepsi just announced that they are bringing this drink back – but only for a limited time.

"Crystal Pepsi fans, and their enthusiastic requests for its return, inspired Pepsi to bring back this iconic '90s product for the holiday season," Pepsi spokeswoman Margot Leeds said in a statement to TIME.

They are giving away 13,000 six-packs in a contest on Thursday and Friday on the Pepsi Pass App. Depending on the response, Pepsi could possibly roll out the return of Crystal Pepsi on a larger scale in the future. For now, loyal fans are sure to get their hands on a case of this soft drink before its too late.

Watch the full video:


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