'Cruel Intentions' Reunion Saw Sarah Michelle Gellar, Reese Witherspoon And Selma Blair Lip-Sync To '90s Songs

So, this happened...

Movie stars dot the streets in Los Angeles, but perhaps no one quite expected to see Reese Witherspoon, Selma Blair and Sarah Michelle Gellar gather for a "Cruel Intentions" reunion. The former co-stars got together on Thursday night to catch the unofficial "Cruel Intentions" parody musical, with Blair and Gellar even re-enacting a kissing scene from the movie.


Teenage sexuality, manipulation, love, vindication.

Few movies have managed to capture the essence of adolescent fascinations, but "Cruel Intentions" is undeniably one of them. The box office featured Ryan Phillippe as the leading man, portraying the wealthy, cold teenager Philippe who makes a bet with his manipulative stepsister, Kathryn (played by Gellar) to deflower the wholesome Annette (Witherspoon). Blair, who portrayed a naive Cecile, was a pawn in Kathryn's game of deceit. 

The movie gained a degree of cult status and went on to spawn two dismal sequels, but who could forget Annette's firm grin in the closing scene, her hair billowing in the wind to the soundtrack of "Bittersweet Symphony?"

Some 15 years later, the female trio reunited at a showing of the play "Cruel Intentions: The Completely Unauthorized Musical Parody" that features a number of 90s songs. They posted selfies of themselves on social media, and reportedly went all out lip-syncing to Natalie Imbruglia's "Torn."

The trio went backstage to congratulate the cast, where Blair and Gellar locked lips for a picture.

Gellar also had another reunion earlier this week, meeting with Alyson Hannigan, her co-star on "Buffy The Vampire Slayer."


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