The Most Amazing Crop Circles, And Where They Came From

Now you know.

In a recent podcast from Stuff You Should Know, the history of crop circles was covered.

What seems abundantly clear is that these crop circles are not aliens, but people — intelligent, artistically talented people — who go around and feed the fire of speculation by making crop circles.

Crop circles are large portions of farm land that have been flattened to make a certain kind of design. Most commonly, they are made by bending down wheat and barley crops. 

Despite the research and historical evidence, many people still believe crop circles are alien life forms. That might be because of how amazing they look, and how unbelievable it seems that a human is making them. Just check out the pictures below:


Is that a molecule?

Can you see the people?

From the ground level.

An alien smoking.

Absolutely stunning.

Underwater? Yup.

What is that?

Snow crop circles? Yup.

Circles, circles and more circles.

An incredible vantage point.

How could a human do this?


3D crop circles.

Does anyone else see the owl?


The spiral.

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