Collages Of Distorted Celebrity Faces Show There's Plenty Of Beauty In Imperfections

What is 'perfect,' anyway?

No matter where you're from — posh streets of Milan or impassable Amazonian jungle — every place has a certain understanding of beauty and perfection. 

While long, skinny legs and a tiny wasp waist can be the epitome of fairness to one group of people, others will consider it obscure and intrusive. 

But even knowing that beauty standards fluctuate based on cultural and societal factors, most people would do anything to fit into that predefined frame just for the sake of being considered beautiful.


'In my country, there is this image of beautiful women being symmetrical and thin, with perfect hair and white skin,' says Spanish artist Cristina Vaello.

Despite media shoving this image to her mind, Vaello says she doesn't identify with it and believes beauty can be found in our physical imperfections as well.

That's why she decided to create a series of artworks that would outline her belief and speak to women about loving themselves as they are, with all the bumps, lumps, curves and whatnot.

In her project, titled 'The Beauty of Imperfection,' Vaello uses collage technique to distort the faces of her models.

By pasting colorful cutouts of celebrity portraits on her black-and-white drawings, Vaello creates explicit contrast, which purposely makes her artwork look unfinished.

But that roughness is exactly what gets Vaello's message across — things don't have to be perfect to be beautiful.

All of Vaello's drawings are done on cardboard. The artist believes it adds a new layer to her work: 'I like the look of cardboard, how its surface is worn by the passage of time and it is imperfect, like my girls,' Vaello told NEON.

Check out more of her work below.



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