Cristiano And Ronaldo Jr. Get Busy With Some Intense Sit-Ups

He even has on his dad's Real Madrid kit.

When you're working out, it's sometimes hard to find someone with the same determination and drive as you.


For Ronaldo, finding that special someone is key when you have to stay in tip-top shape throughout a grueling soccer season.

However, it seems as though CR7 has found someone with not only the same work ethic, but many of the same genes.

That someone? His son of course! Cristiano Ronaldo Jr.

The dynamic duo is an especially photogenic version of what quality father-son time is all about.

Look at little Ronaldo in his dad's Real Madrid kit as he holds down his daddy's legs as he does his sit-ups.

But kids have to stay in shape too and soon Ronaldo is encouraging his budding superstar to do just 10 more sit-ups.

You can do it!!!

What better reward than your dad's love? Watch the intense workout below.


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